Saturday, August 22, 2009

- The Creature Behind the Candles -

"Quiet your mind, Grasiri..." the voice wasn't heard as much as it was felt upon the softer parts of the skin, the back of the neck, the wrists and knees. It slithered through the air of the marble auditorium, passing like a leech through the power armor's audio array to suckle the inquisitor's earlobes like a gentle lover's mouth.

"I know why you've come, and I promise to shed light on the dark secrets you seek. You need only come into the light, so I can see your face."

Muttering a prayer to the emperor, Inquisitor Grasiri stepped across the guilt stone floor toward the hauntingly lit banquet table.

"Come sir," the shadow of a delicate hand waved before one of the towering candles. "Sit with me a spell."

"I am not here to join you in heresy, creature." Grasiri spat the words, but none-the-less came to stand at the foot of the table, staring through the heady air at the slender figure hiding behind the candlelight.

Grasiri's eyes, enhanced through genetic strengthening, pierced the darkness like superheated knives, but could not reveal the slender form. The creature's obfuscation was driven by the dark power barely contained in its thin-framed form.

"I am here for the truth. I shall take it from your flesh as I take it from the earth and seas of this corrupted planet. I shall reclaim this world for the Emperor, and send you back to the void." The Inquisitor's threat landed short, the words like lead balls flung from the hands of a child into the hall. Something about the creature's presence prevented all but the most delicate tone to travel across the table's length.

"If this place is what you wish, I give it freely. We have what we sought, and must continue our journey." There was a wet sound, like thick liquid splashing on the stone floor behind the Inquisitor. He snapped his eyes toward the darkness, seeing nothing. When he looked back, the table was empty.

"I wonder Inquisitor..." the voice saturated the air of the chamber, no longer having a discernable source. “ will you keep them from loving us when we've left? How will your corpse-king divine the difference between the human children..." the voice slowly receded from the room until it was just a whisper across the Inquisitor's spine. "...and ours?"

Grasiri's eyes widened at the implication. His storm bolter roared to life as he showered the dining hall with blessed destruction, screaming with rage as realization fell upon him.

If the Black Parliament has infected the women of this planet
there is only one recourse...